Friday, April 1, 2011

Looking For Something Different? Check Out SweetAmbs

Cookies. That used to bring to mind delicious round baked treats that were best served with a glass of ice cold milk. Before finding SweetAmbs on Etsy, I thought all cookies belonged on a tray with a glass of milk. All flavors and styles, even those yummy decorated cookies that I love so much. SweetAmbs creates a cookie that makes me cringe to think of it near milk, or any other beverage. These are special. Looking more like they belong on a silver platter, or better yet, behind glass, these cookies are works of art that should never be given any opportunity to be marred by liquid. It just wouldn't be right.
The details are amazing. It's obvious that a lot of time and love are put into each and every one. While pricier than most, if you want something truly special to commemorate any event, these are what you want. Orange Vanilla Spice Cookies are delicious and they have the perfect amount of sweetness in every bite. The iced tops are very complimentary to the cookie not only in looks, but taste as well. They would be perfect for any wedding or shower, and also birthdays, Easter baskets, and anniversaries.
We were sent Brush Embroidery Cookies that simply took my breath away. They were beautifully wrapped and each and every cookie arrived in perfect condition. I received mine in green, blue, and pink. I couldn't tell you which was more beautiful but I can tell you we all had a hard time eating them. They really were too pretty to eat! Visit SweetAmbs and make your next event or holiday even more special!
Disclosure: I was sent cookies for an event in exchange for this review.

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