Friday, November 12, 2010

Getting Steamy With Annabel Karmel

I'm not really sure why parents go out and purchase baby food in jars. Maybe they think it's easier. Maybe they are intimidated. Maybe they they think it's good for their children. Well, I'm pretty sure most of it's not bad for their children. Logan, my oldest, ate it. When Sam was born, I did a lot of things differently. I guess things didn't intimidate me like they once did. I switched to cloth diapers, made my own baby food, and I carried Sam everywhere in a baby carrier. When it came to making baby food, I bought a baby food cookbook and  tried different recipes. Everything tasted better. I remember tasting Logan's baby food and almost gagging a few times. Yuck! It didn't taste anything like my homemade babyfood! When I received a package from Infantino, I was thrilled! It was loaded with everything I needed to make my own baby food. Since I do not have a need for baby food, I tried it out with some red potatoes, just to get pictures. The Steam Release Micro Dish is awesome! I washed a potato and cut it into small pieces. Then I added a few tablespoons of water. I closed the lid and popped it into the microwave. After 3 minutes, I removed the lid and the potatoes were done! This dish is great. It certainly beats breaking out my other steamer and I can steam enough for a couple of baby sized dinners! Quick and easy, this certainly makes life easier! It's
•Ideal for steaming/cooking fruit, vegetables or fish
•Unique valve pre-releases steam and closes for airtight storage
•Dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe
•BPA Free
You don't have to be intimidated any longer. Get steaming with Annabel Karmel!
Disclosure: I was sent several products for review because I am taking part in an Infantino campaign
 through Mom Central.

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