Thursday, October 7, 2010

Things That Make You Go Mmmmmm!

 I don't like cheesecake. I mean I didn't. But that was before I tried cheesecakes from While it may not rank as my favorite, I have discovered a new fondness for this rich and creamy dessert. Even my former cheesecake hating husband has made room on his list of favorites for these delicious desserts! sent us two cheesecakes to try for a recent event. I received a three pound Oreo Cookie Cheesecake and a five pound Turtle Cheesecake (which is also available in other sizes) to serve. I really wanted to see the difference between the two sizes so I took side-by-side photos to share!
 Don't be fooled. The smaller three pound cheesecake is the perfect serving. The five pound cheesecake is great for those afternoons when you just really need something sweet. The cheesecakes are stored in your freezer and taken out about an hour or two before serving. If you just want a slice, lift one out and rewrap your cheesecake, saving it for another day! As my cheesecakes began to thaw, I could smell Oreos and turtles whenever I entered my kitchen. That was almost as good as smelling cookies baking in the oven! I was a little surprised that I could smell them over everything else! The Turtle Cheesecake smelled the strongest. It was like breaking open a turtle from my favorite candy shop and breathing it in just before taking that first bite!
 I tasted each cheesecake. One bite at first, because I was still convinced I wouldn't like it. One bite led to another, and before I knew it, I had eaten the entire slice! The Oreo Cookie Cheesecake was my favorite. The crust, oh the crust! Chocolate Oreo cookie was topped with cheesecake containing tasty bits of Oreo Cookie crumbles. If you love Oreos, you will probably love it! The Turtle Cheesecake had a flavorful crust and it was topped with a giant turtle. Just kidding. But it really tasted like a giant candy turtle, except this was creamier and richer! The cheesecakes were works of art. I topped mine with a flower, to make them a little more special! They were really beautiful to look at, and very easy to serve. I cut each piece in half, so my guests could have a slice of each. I did this while the cheesecakes were slightly frozen. My guests seemed to appreciate it and they devoured them as soon as they were given the chance! If you want a great looking and great tasting dessert delivered to your door, visit and browse their selections. You'll take comfort in their 100% satisfaction guarantee! Chances are, you'll find the perfect cheesecake to hit that sweet spot!
Disclosure: I was sent these products for a special event. I agreed to review the products in return. No monetary compensation received and honest opinions given.

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