Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sticking To The Classics

The classic white phalaenopsis orchid. Elegant, always a winner. If you have a green thumb (who am I kidding, I think it takes a green hand!) you will enjoy everlasting beauty. If you're like me, maybe a few weeks or months. For the last couple of weeks, I have been gazing serenely at a double stalk of double happiness. Double because I have two flowering stalks instead of one! Each flowering tower is full of gorgeous blossoms. A few buds promise me that more blossoms are on the way! Hadden's Flowers & Gifts (a long time favorite) in Albany, Georgia personally delivered my Bamboo Shangri-La Flowers from Teleflora.
When the plant (that almost sounds insulting since this is far more than your average plant) arrived, I was in awe. From the base of the gorgeous pot (which to me is a welcome upgrade that seems to fit my style beautifully) to the tip of the highest stalk, I was overwhelmed by the simple beauty of it. The stark white orchids featured a dash of color in the center of each flower. The organic shape of the natural arrangement was soothing to my senses. As much as I love ordinary floral arrangements, I think I love this even more.
Living and growing, this finicky orchid needs the right care. I wish a care card had been included because I was clueless. All of my previous attempts at growing orchids have failed miserably. So far, so good. I'll cross my fingers and hope it lasts.
After a couple of weeks, my orchid is still as beautiful as ever. When it arrived, two dragonflies (did I mention how much I love dragonflies?) were tied on. These must have been offensive to my cats because one morning they were missing. Other than that, my cats have left it alone! This gorgeous living plant really makes a statement. My sometimes dark living room has been brightened by it's presence, which has ultimately brightened my mood! This would make an ideal gift for any plant lover. It is also a nice change from typical fresh cut arrangements!
Disclosure: I have a long term relationship with Teleflora. This arrangement was sent in order to complete this review. No monetary compensation received and honest opinions are given.

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