Friday, August 20, 2010

Making A House A Home With ESaleRugs!

There's nothing like a beautiful rug to make a room feel more like a home. A rug can bring warmth and make a room more inviting. A rug ties everything together and it can ground a room. I would have never imagined buying a rug online. Not in a million years. Rugs can be pricey and I like to see and touch my investment. However a recent review has changed my opinion on that and a great company has given me security and faith. When I purchase a rug online, I will definitely buy from ESaleRugs.
We requested the 5' 2 x 8' 0 Gabbeh Rug in delicate shades of ivory and beige. The rug arrived quickly and in perfect condition. The rug was heavy and it took me a while to unwrap it. It was carefully folded. As I began unfolding it and setting it in place for the review, I noticed the softness more than anything else. This rug is 80% silk and 20% wool. I love natural fibers!
This rug makes you want to take off your shoes, lay down on it and roll around. I kid you not. That's exactly what Sam did. He may be two, but as an expert in testing for blanket softness, he know a soft rug when he sees one! The rug had a gorgeous luster that was apparent even in my dimly lit living room. Wow. I said it and so did everyone else that saw it. It has a very subtle sheen. A richness that you can feel.
Now I expected some shedding, but nothing like this. I vacuumed three times on day one. My whole living area looked like it was caught in a snowstorm! This rug sheds that much. After a few days, I was vacuuming only once a day and after two weeks, very little shedding could be noticed. The rug maintained it's softness and luster and it looked as beautiful as ever!
ESaleRugs has a large inventory and they usually ship the same day you order! Free FedEx shipping and major discounts. I looked over their site for hours and I still did not see every rug! Ordering is easy, and if you order a rug, you can send it back within 30 days and you will not pay a restocking fee! Customer service is great and they respond very quickly. I feel very confident in recommending them to my readers! Check them out. Order one for yourself, or buy one as a gift! A beautiful rug is perfect for newlyweds making a happy home!
Disclosure: I was sent this rug to review. No monetary compensation received and honest opinions given.