Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Get Your Toddlers Moving With Sukey's Circle!

When I was contacted about reviewing Sukey's Circle!, I was really hesitant. Logan seemed to be too old for it and Sam rarely sits still long enough to watch anything. Chances were slim that this would work out favorably. Still, it was worth the shot. The television doesn't babysit my kids, but every now and then, a break (for me!) would be nice! When the DVD arrived, I popped it in the player and turned it on. I sat on the couch and waited. It wasn't long before an unexpected crowd gathered. The unexpected being my children. While I would still argue that Logan is a bit old for this, he seemed very intent on watching. Sam was drawn in by the playful songs and lovable characters!  Best of all, the music and characters didn't get on my nerves like they do in some other children's videos! Logan and Sam really got into this great interactive DVD. I found it fun and pretty entertaining! It's a double episode and it features interactive music, movement play and song with Sukey Molloy and her Sunshine Family of Friends.
Sukey shares movement themes from every day life in, I Like to Move My Body, and Tick Tock Gets Dressed, during which she shares different movement experiences for viewers to try. Sukey invites children to participate with Sunny and Tick Tock as they play, move and sing!
Episodes include:
These Are My Eyes
Song animation with lyrical attention to parts of the body
Tick Tock Rhythmic song animation with rocking, jumping, hopping and clapping
I Like to Move My Body
Creative live action sequences for movement fun
Tick Tock Gets Dressed
Sukey dresses Tick Tock in hat and boots to go out and play
After more than a month of viewing, my children are still very interested in this great DVD! Logan loves getting Sam involved and he even encourages him to play along! It hasn't retired to the bottom of the stack and I don't see that happening any time soon! If your (very) active children are into great songs and having fun, check out Sukey's Circle!

To Disclose: I was sent this DVD in order to complete this review. No monetary compensation received and honest opinions were given!

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