Sunday, June 27, 2010

Taking Cupcakes To A Baby Shower!

The next time you open your mailbox and pull out a shower invitation, here's what you need to do. Skip the registries and long lines, visit BabyDeary on Etsy, and then sit back and relax. She will help you give the most creatively wrapped gift that's actually needed! She can take regular everyday items and turn them into the talk of the shower!
Who doesn't like cupcakes? Especially zero calorie cupcakes? These adorable washcloths are wrapped with sweet little onesies and topped with a crocheted strawberry or flower pin. Each cupcake sits in a liner and everything is packaged in a bakery box. The box is adorned with charming little stickers and tags!
When I received my bakery box, I did not want to open it! It is a special gift for a very special couple. Looking at the box, I knew if BabyDeary put this much into the outside, well, the inside would be better! Very carefully I opened it. I had to, especially since I was writing about it! Each little "cupcake" was tucked securely in place and tissue paper made sure there would be no shifting or accidents in transit. It's nice that I didn't have to worry about anyone opening a box of "cupcakes" and finding a total disaster!
Everything was perfect. The couple will have exactly what they need for their new baby, and the packaging will  be remembered after all the others are forgotten. And don't worry. There are cupcakes for boys and gender-neutral too! Visit BabyDeary on Etsy and be prepared to indulge. These sweet treats are reasonably priced and you can't go wrong with this gift! For an added bonus, if you spend $35 before shipping, you can get a darling onesie featuring ""  for only 25 cents! The onesie is white with a pink and black design. It's really soft and I think it would be really comfortable. For an extra quarter, how can you resist?
To Disclose: I received this gift for a special couple in return for this mention. No monetary compensation received and honest opinions were given.

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