Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Perfect Twilight

There's nothing like a delivery of gorgeous fresh flowers. On Monday, this beautiful arrangement arrived. It was delivered by my long time favorite, Hadden's Flowers & Gifts in Albany, Georgia. The arrangement is available through Teleflora, and you can find it here. The Twilight Garden Basket is a sight to behold! Twilight is that special time when shadows grow long and the flowers in your garden seem to take on a mystical quality. This arrangement is a fragrant reminder of that special time, and it can be viewed both day and night!
While I get penalized (by my website grader) for too many pictures, I really couldn't help myself. I have received several arrangements from Teleflora and this one is my favorite! I can't identify some of the flowers in my basket, but I can tell you that the mix is unique, and the colors are impressive! The white roses have a mild, feminine fragrance that catches you when you least expect it. A little whiff here and there brings a smile to my lips and warms my heart. This is the type of arrangement that I would love for any occasion, or non-occasion!
When I first saw this arrangement, I was attracted to the purples and blues. The colors were not typical and the flowers were a mix of a few of my favorites. Hydrangeas! While the Teleflora site shows blue, mine were the most gorgeous shade of purplish-mauve! Crisp white roses instead of the lovely violet roses seen on the Teleflora bouquet, sharply contrasted to give plenty of depth and visual appeal to the arrangement. The carnations, full and lush, were bright pink in my basket!
I was pleased to fall in love with a new flower Monday. I have no idea what it's called, but the smokey blue shade and the interesting prickly petals really complimented the rest of the flowers. Teleflora has so many gorgeous arrangements that are delivered fresh from your local florist. They are never delivered in a box, in the arms of a sometimes unsmiling delivery person. (Note: I am not referring to my wonderful delivery guys, but you might not have the same luck!)
While some of you might want exactly what you see in the picture, Teleflora florists do not get the same shipments of flowers. While my flowers and basket were different from the picture on Teleflora's site, I think my florist did a beautiful job recreating the arrangement. It's nice to know that I did not get a cookie cutter arrangement. I've had those before and yes, they often came in a box. This arrangement was made just for me!
I have already taken follow up pictures, but you will have to wait to see them! I'll keep you posted with dates and photos for sure. As far as care, I mist daily to make my arrangement last. This arrangement doesn't drop a lot of petals or leaves. So far, I haven't lost any. I have only cleaned up a few specks on my table.
Visit Teleflora and find out how easy it is to send a smile or a hug to someone you love! Flowers always seem to brighten my day. They also brighten my heart and my home. Flowers never last an eternity, but the memory of a special arrangement will bloom in a loved one's heart forever.

To Disclose: I was sent the Twilight Garden Basket for review. I have a long term relationship with Teleflora. No monetary compensation received. Follow up posts about this arrangement are not required.

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