Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More Than "Just Vanities"

I have fun putting rooms together. My husband and I plan out each and every detail, sometimes years in advance. About 5 years ago, we found an incredible sale on marble flooring which was perfect for our bathroom. We knew we were years away from being able to put it down, but we grabbed it and saved tons of money. That's how we do things. A while back I discovered the family of CSN Stores. WOW! 200 stores, low prices, and quality products. What more could you want?
I spent hours a few nights ago looking at their sites. One of the stores that really grabbed my attention was JustVanities.com. They have several bathroom vanities that I love and their vessel sink and faucet sets are simply stunning! The items are offered at affordable prices and they have a huge assortment of products to fit many decors. Their sales are huge and I will definitely be taking advantage of them in the future when I complete my bathroom renovation. I'm really glad that I found their site, and you can be sure that I'm going to tell everyone I know about their awesome deals!
To Disclose: I have a prior relationship with CSN Stores and I posted this editorial in order to share this wonderful site with my readers. I will be working with CSN Stores again in the very near future! No monetary compensation received.

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