Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Party With Wilton!

I don't often make cupcakes, so this year when I decided to make some for Logan and Sam's Birthday, I turned to Wilton. They're the pros after all and I knew they would have just what I needed! Sure enough, I found a great cupcake stand, pirate themed baking cups, and cupcake toppers! I received the 19 Count Party Stand. This stand was easy to assemble and it is finished with wire spirals to securely hold each cupcake. I did need to make a few adjustments to keep my cupcakes from falling over. I did this by slightly pulling each spiral up, stretching it out to more securely hold the cupcakes. Before I did this, three cupcakes fell off the stand. After I made adjustments, I can happily report no casualties. The Pirate Cupcake Combo Pack was a quick and colorful way to serve cupcakes and they set the tone for our celebration. The combo contained 24, 2 inch diameter baking cups and 3 inch high paper party picks. While the paper baking cups were colorful, my chocolate cupcakes hid the designs. Next time, I would pick a light cake batter and then hopefully the decorated baking cups would be more appreciated. The pirate flags made great toppers and everyone loved them! The next time I have a party, you can be sure I'll visit Wilton online!
To Disclose: Wilton provided these products in order for me to complete this review. No monetary compensation received.

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