Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Garden Girl

While we're on the subject of birthdays, I found the perfect gift for that special person on your list! It is fairly inexpensive and it is something you can do yourself. A wonderful afternoon project! Meet Jessica, AKA Garden Girl. She has just entered the world of blogging and she is sharing her passion with the world! In her debut post, she tells you how to make the perfect plant it and forget it garden. Now that's my kind of garden!

Her beautiful container gardens would make great Mother's Day gifts too! Tell me, what mom wouldn't prefer a gift put together with love? I can't wait to see what's next! This is definitely a blog to watch!
To Disclose: I was under no obligation to mention this blog. I thought my readers might enjoy this great afternoon project. Happy Planting!
Photo Credit- Garden Girl

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Gina F said...

That is a really nice plant. I would like it for myself or give it to someone as a gift. Thanks for posting and sharing!!!