Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Olive And Ollie~The Best For Easter!

Easter is on it's way! I've found the perfect tees for that special day! I am a big fan of Olive and Ollie. Everything, and I mean everything, is absolutely adorable! And the quality? The best! When Sam was turning a year old, we received a tee and matching bib to celebrate the occasion. That tee has been worn and washed many, many times and it still looks perfect today!
Take a look at these designs! The bad news is you may want them all. The good news? Olive and Ollie won't break the bank! The designs are precious. Simple and sweet. Custom orders are available and Heather will make sure you are completely happy with your purchase! Easter tees, birthday tees, lounge sets and more!
Comfy and cozy. Only the softest materials are used! Be sure to order now! Visit Olive and Ollie on Etsy and see why I love them so much! You'll be glad you did!
To Disclose: I was under no obligation to mention Olive and Ollie. No monetary compensation received. I have a prior relationship with Olive and Ollie and I wanted to share these adorable designs!

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