Friday, March 19, 2010

Lindt, The Ultimate Easter Basket!

The ultimate gold bunny. All wrapped and ready for Easter. You've seen it on the shelves. It's brilliant gold foil flashing, trying to get your attention, beckoning you closer and closer until you reach out and touch it. Once you touch it, you have to have it. Sure it may cost a little more. But we know it's worth it. Ahhhh. Perfection. It's Lindt. The iconic bunny that is the must have for Easter. So good, you'll dream about it. I still remember my first. How could I forget? It's so delicious! Thank goodness it won't be my last. I was sent the Ultimate Easter Basket from Lindt. It was filled with only the best. Delicious Hazelnut Carrots! They're my favorite by the way. Creamy and smooth. There's only four. It's both a blessing (to my hips) and a cruel, cruel joke. Thankfully, there's more. Lots more! Assorted Lindor Truffles made me forget my disappointment. 32 solid Lilliput Eggs in assorted flavors are perfect to pop when you crave something sweet! Chocolate Lambs and Chicks are too cute to eat. Well, almost! Laying in the beautiful green Easter Grass, that perfect Gold Bunny. It's such a shame it didn't stay that way. I mean, if you had The Ultimate Easter Basket from Lindt, how long would it take you to pull a Houdini and make it disappear? Thought so.
Hurry! Visit LindtUSA and spend $75 or more (per shipping address) to get free shipping by entering code BUNNY at checkout! See site for details!
To Disclose: I was sent The Ultimate Easter Basket in order to complete this review. No monetary compensation received. I'd rather have the Lindt Chocolate any day!

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