Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Slither And Slide

They're fast, they're furious. Meet the Pulse Slither Scooter! Two wheels up front and one awesome swivel wheel in the back! Logan has another scooter that he simply adored.When the Pulse Slither arrived, he was eager to check it out. It's quite different and he loves the ride! Logan hasn't yet mastered the Pulse but he is well on his way. The scooter moves like no other, or at least any we've tried. Turns are so much fun and faster than ever! The scooter is easy to assemble and it was well packaged. After putting it all together, both Logan and Sam were eager to try it out. It took a little getting used to. The back wheel offers the ability to go to extremes. More tricks, more maneuverability. In our case, this equals more fun. However more fun equals more risks, especially in our house. Expect a few falls and never allow your children to ride without a helmet. This scooter can get away from younger children! We made sure knees and elbows were also covered! The rear wheel has an adjustable tension so you can customize your ride! This is perfect for advanced riders. The Pulse Slither Scooter is built to last and it features oversized front wheels for balance, molded deck traction, and knobbed grips for better control. Ride facing forward or stand to one side. Just be sure to hold on tight! Buy yours here!
To Disclose: Scooter sent in order to complete review. No monetary compensation received.

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