Friday, February 26, 2010

Slice And Dice

It's hard to find a great knife, especially when looking online. I like to pick up a knife and see how it feels in my hand before I commit to making a large purchase. Cutlery can be expensive. Very expensive. I look for a knife that is comfortable, balanced, strong, and a knife that will last. Recently, I was sent beautiful set of steak knives in a wooden block from Chicago Cutlery. I was familiar with the brand, but I never owned or used any of their products. The set is very attractive. The handles are smooth and the blades are sharp. Each knife seems to be made to last. After first use, I was sold. These knives cut so smoothly, with very little work on my part. They are balanced and they can be sharpened easily. These knives are affordable and after a couple of months, I am still very pleased. The handles are beautiful. My only complaint is the very slight roughness after hand washing. Oiling the walnut handles (I use olive oil) helps and it isn't much work. Brass rivets hold the handles to the blades for safety and stability. And should you ever need it, they offer a full lifetime warranty! Check out Chicago Cutlery! These sets make a great gift!
To Disclose: I was sent a 7 piece Walnut Signature Steak Block set in order to complete this review. No monetary compensation received.