Monday, January 11, 2010

Help Others Help You

 ICE. In Case Of Emergency. I've had an ICE contact in my cell phone for a while now, thanks to my paramedic husband. He insisted on it. But if I am ever involved in an accident and unable to communicate, I may be in trouble. I am allergic to almost everything, and severely allergic to the primary medications given by paramedics responding to calls. The new iPhone App, ICE, stores:

· The patient’s name, photograph, date of birth, height and weight
· Emergency contact names and numbers
· Medical conditions
· Blood type
· Food allergies
· Medication allergies
· Current medications
· The patient’s organ donation preference
You can even note your religious preference, which may dictate your medical treatment. This free download is available courtesy of LegalZoom and Donate Life America. This App can potentially save your life by giving first responders – paramedics, firefighters, police officers, emergency room personnel, doctors and nurses the knowledge they need to provide the best care. Don't forget to pass this along to your friends and family!

To Disclose: I was notified of this service because of a previous relationship with Legal Zoom. I was under no obligation to mention this to my readers.

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