Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Ultimate Blockbuster!

I'm a Sephora junkie. I can spend hundreds of dollars if you set me free in one of their fabulous stores. Online, I'm even more dangerous! When I was growing up, I could always look forward to opening a department store gift set full of holiday makeup. You know the ones I'm talking about! A free gift with purchase, then later it grew into a purchase with purchase. My mom always bought one and I loved it! It didn't matter that I would never wear half of it because the shades weren't complimentary. Those beautiful palettes simply called out in all their color and glory and said "Buy Me!" That was before I discovered Sephora. Now, I bypass ordinary department stores and head straight for the good stuff! This is the greatest time of the year. Why? Because The Ultimate Blockbuster makes an appearance, teasing and taunting with exceptional value and massive color options. With almost every color imaginable, you can create over 60,000 new looks.
It includes:
- 84 x 0.04 oz eyeshadows
- 3 x 0.19 oz blushes
- 60 x 0.03 oz lip glosses
- 2 x 0.03 oz lip liners
- 3 x 0.03 oz eyeliners
- 6 x 0.02 oz cream eyeliners
- 6 x 0.02 oz matte eyeshadows
- 6 x 0.03 oz sparkling eyeshadows
- Double-ended eyeshadow applicator/ eyeliner brush
- Double-ended sponge-tipped applicator
- Lip brush
- Powder brush
Hang on. Let me catch my breath! This is the grandaddy of all palettes. You hit jackpot if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one of these! And guess what? I did! Sephora sent me The Ultimate Blockbuster in exchange for this review. I loved Sephora long before I was given this opportunity, and this fabulous gift did not shape my opinion in any way. The brushes and applicators are all good quality. The eyeshadows went on smoothly, and some were unexpectedly subtle, which I really liked. The eyeliners were a treat, and the blushes did their trick! The lip glosses were my least favorite, but hey, I am not usually a lip gloss type of girl! They seemed to be a little sticky! I love the wide range of colors and it was a pleasure to have so many options! Never before have I seen such a complete kit. The only thing missing is your foundation and mascara! This is the grownup girl's play set. You can spend countless hours (if you have time) playing and primping in front of the mirror! Husbands and Boyfriends, you can't lose with this one. But you may need to buy a timer, or risk losing her to the bathroom forever!
To Disclose: Products sent in exchange for this review.

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