Friday, November 20, 2009

K'NEX Building Sets!

Logan loves to create. Long ago, he started building with blocks. After blocks, he used Legos, Lincoln Logs, and anything else he could get his hands on. Recently, he was sent a set of K'NEX to try out! At first, I just thought this was going to be like Legos. Little pieces were going to wind up all over the house. I also thought the pieces would get stuck together and I was going to be called ofter to separate them. This was surprisingly not the case. Logan's 400 Piece Value Tub was loaded with 400 parts, including bricks, for lots of open-ended fun and endless building and play opportunities! The set includes instructions and ideas for 20 models or you can use your imagination to dream up your own creations. The convenient storage tub means there is always a place to put your parts or take the fun with you wherever you go! The set is recommended for ages 7 and up. Logan is six and he had a blast with the set. The pieces were easily put together! I love that the set is made up of different pieces. Usually with Lego sets, you end up with a tub of squares. This is so different and Logan thinks it's far more fun! Sam is going to be enjoying a Neighborhood Collection Ice Cream Truck Building Set soon! This set if for ages 2 and up. It features a lovable Elmo dressed in his white uniform and cap, along with his ice cream truck! A "Play & Learn" activity sheet filled with educational fun for parent and child, plus additional building ideas, is also included. This 18-piece building set pairs perfectly with the Neighborhood Collection 1-2-3 Brownstone Building Set. The pieces are large and I think Sam will have no problem putting it all together! I can buy other Sesame Street sets and then Sam can build his very own Sesame Street Neighborhood! He laughs every time he sees Elmo on television! I cannot wait to see his face when he opens this set! Either set would make a fantastic Christmas gift! Shop now! 10% of all Sales from K'NEX Direct will go to THE CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL of PHILADELPHIA and you will receive Free Shipping on orders over $100!
To Disclose: I received these building sets from Team Mom in exchange for this review.

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