Monday, October 5, 2009

Picture Perfect Manicures and Pedicures At Home!

I hate painting my nails. I like for them to be done, I just hate doing it. First, I am always getting polish all over my nails and surrounding skin. Clumps here, and clumps there. When I am finished, I usually remove it all because it looked better before I attacked my fingers and toes with paint. I was sent a Rada Pro Nail Station in exchange for this review. I grabbed my favorite nail polish and sat down with great hope. I was sure this session would not end in defeat. The box includes hand/foot support stand, polish holder, accessory tray, pump bottle for polish remover and washable 100% cotton slip covers. First, fill the pump bottle with polish remover, place cotton, implements, base coat and polish bottles on the accessory tray and swivel it to the convenient position. I removed my old polish, enjoying this great little pump. Just place the cotton ball on top and push! I like simple! When my nails were dry, I placed my polish bottle into the polish holder, tilted it and moved it for easy reach. I placed my fingers on the hand rest covered by slip cover, and applied my polish with ease. The base of the unit is anti-skid, so no matter how hard I pushed, the station didn't budge. I had steady hands and great results. When I did my pedicure I placed the Nail Station on the floor. I followed the same procedure with near perfect results. My problem is flexibility. I have rods in my lower back and it is hard to paint my toes. The Rada Pro Nail Station lifted my toes just enough so that I could give them the attention they deserved. The Rada Pro Nail Station certainly made this task a lot easier for me. I think moms-to-be would also benefit! Have you ever tried to paint your toes while pregnant? It's not easy, and it's harder trying to convince your husband to do it for you! Check out the Rada Pro Nail Station and simplify your life. You'll save money doing your own nails and get professional results!

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