Thursday, September 10, 2009

See What A Little Fig And Olive Can Do For You!

Some girls like long walks and sunsets, but I like steaming showers and warm baths. Give me a good book, and I am one happy girl! A very relaxed and content happy girl! While I prefer luxurious and soothing (and unfortunately expensive) products that pamper and drown my body in beautiful bliss, I have been desperate a few times and bought a bottle or a box with promises to take me away. I like fresh scents. As a rule I generally steer clear of celebrity scents. I have tested so many that I have grown weary. Until now, I have not been impressed. I think a lot of the ooohhs and aaahhs are not from the fragrance, but from the name on the bottle. I don't buy it. When I found out that I could review Kathy Ireland's skincare line, I was open to trying her products. When I think of Kathy Ireland I think of Sports Illustrated and movies. Over the years, I have seen her evolve into so much more. This girl next door has made her mark on the world, building an empire worth more than a billion dollars, while finding time to nurture a loving family. I really admire her. But still I was skeptical. I received the J du J Fig & Olive Shower and Body Scrub in exchange for this review. I expected so little and was given so much. You gotta love it when that happens! First of all, this is an affordable product. At under $12, the price can't be beat. When I opened the jar, I removed the seal and leaned in for the ultimate test. Wow! This is a fragrance that I would expect to come from a crystal bottle in an exclusive store. I would pay high end prices for it! I am not sure how the scent compares to figs because unfortunately, I haven't tried them. I am picky and they just don't look that appetizing. I am rethinking that decision, and if they smell as heavenly as this, I will have a lot of regret. Especially since we have fig trees and I could have helped myself at any time. Normally at this point in my review, I would grab the bottle or copy and paste some of the website's description, just for accuracy. Not this time. The description (my apologies to whomever wrote it!) doesn't do it justice. The scented oil saturates the sea salt in the bottom of the jar, and an ample amount sits on top. I readied my shower and entered with this new delight. Lifting out a generous amount, I buffed away for a few minutes, enjoying the ohhh so perfect aroma. With the moans and groans that ensued, I felt like a star in an Herbal Essence commercial. Ladies, warn your husbands before use! They may want to share! I'm thinking Kathy Ireland should add a warning sticker to the label! After rinsing, I turned off the shower and dried my skin. I took a small amount of the oil and smoothed it over my baby soft skin. By the way, I think they should offer the oil alone for this purpose! My skin was extremely soft and even my husband made a comment about how smooth it was. The fragrance hung in the air long after my shower. It was not overpowering, just very pleasant. Several minutes later, my six year old walked by and wanted to know what smelled so good. He never does this. I think that says a lot. He has impeccable taste! This is a product that I would expect to find at Sephora or fine department stores. Check out Kathy Ireland's entire line. If that other bottle or box can take you away, Fig & Olive Shower and Body Scrub can take you there and back, several times!

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