Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Own Little Prince!

It is difficult for me to find a costume that I really love. It seems that costumes are too plush, cover the face, or require lots of makeup. If you live in south Georgia, you know all of those are big no nos! It is usually hot and humid and the last thing you want is makeup in your child's eyes or a sweaty child. Sweaty children are usually irritable. At least they are around here. I have found THE perfect costume for Logan. The Deluxe Prince Caspian Costume from BuyCostumes.Com is really cool! They offer two versions of this costume. The deluxe features "chain mail" which is a mesh material. It covers your child's head and arms. Logan can stay cool (at least cooler) as the temperatures soar! The costume is easy on, easy off. I lifted it over Logan's head and he slid his arms in. Velcro closures are located on the back. The front features a "leather" material and "leather" adorns the shoulders and covers the wrists. The front also features two plastic buckles which at a distance, could pass for metal. Brown straps contrast against the black front and match the roomy brown pants. The pants were so comfortable that Logan wanted to wear them all day!

BuyCostumes.Com is a wonderful source for all of your Halloween needs! I may not be a fan of wigs and masks, and other ghoulish makeup and dress, but if you want it, they have it! I was really eyeing the princess and fairy costumes wishing I had a little girl to dress up! Adults can find a costume too! They even offer costumes for your pets! I love that you can order a costume AND all of your party supplies. One easy transaction, excellent customer service, and fast shipping. What could be better??? To disclose, BuyCostumes.Com sent us a Deluxe Prince Caspian Costume in exchange for this review, but you can get yours on sale now for under $25!

So. We know what I think. But what does our "real reviewer" think??? I'll let him tell you!

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