Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Clean Your Plates!

I received a Hana Flat Iron a few months ago and I have enjoyed using it. I don't use it that often because my hair is mostly straight. When I go out, I enjoy the polished look that it gives me, the increased shine, and the option to flip my ends up or under. After I received my flat iron, I was surprised to receive a package containing the Hana Styling Iron Cleaner!
The Hana Iron Cleaner is ideal for:

Use with flat irons, curling irons, and other heat styling tools
Keeps plates free of residue build-up from styling products
Improves hygiene, plate smoothness and heat distribution
Regular use prolongs life of plates
Safe to use on ceramic, tourmaline, titanium and gold surfaces

When I received my Hana Styling Iron Cleaner, my iron was still pretty much clean. I did heat it up and allow the plates to become warm, just to wipe them down with this product. Since my flat iron was in like new condition, I began a search around my house looking for things to clean. I came up with an older curling iron. I warmed the iron and then sprayed it down with my iron cleaner. I let it set for a few minutes on a towel and then returned to clean it with a soft rag. I was surprised at how little effort it took. My curling iron wasn't caked with product "gunk" but it wasn't pretty either. Hmmm. I needed a bigger challenge. I went to my moms and decided to grab her iron. She irons at least once a week and her iron needed help. It was due for a cleaning and it had product build up. I warmed the iron and began spraying. I place the iron on a towel and let it set for a few minutes. I returned and began to wipe off the iron "gunk." I removed about 50% of it the first treatment. I completed two more treatments before my mom's iron was as good as new. It took a little elbow grease the last time, but it was worth it. Chances are, your iron will never be that bad. Most likely, one treatment will be enough to clean your plates! Get yours here! Hana Styling Iron Cleaner took the good, the bad, and the ugly and made them new again!

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