Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer's Not Over Yet!

So this is my first video post! I was recently given the cutest rash guard and swim trunks for Sam. He hasn't made it to the water yet, but he is on his way. As you can see, the suit doesn't restrict my little guy! He moves freely without any restrictions. Except of course the restrictions that I put on him! I love this suit. It's stretchy. I have washed it several times, laying it flat to dry. It looks great not only in the pool, but on the playground as well! LuvGear Children's Wear is not only hip and cool, the SunAlert icon is designed to change color to indicate levels and strength of UV rays. Each top and each bottom feature the SunAlert Patch. When your child is exposed to low levels of UV, the icon shows a sun that appears light pink in color. As the UV rays get stronger, the image becomes a darker shade of red, to warn you that the strength of UV rays have reached levels that may be harmful to a child. I slather on lots of sunscreen when we head outside. But that isn't always enough. With LuvGear, I can relax and allow my children to enjoy the pool and being outdoors! They are available at select JCPenney locations!

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