Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Want My Ma Mi!!!

Years ago, I performed glorious skin peels in a physician's office. I thought that I would never find a facial system that compared to those high dollar treatments. When I received a sample kit from Ma Mi, I put it on the back shelf for a few days. After finishing another product, I dedicated a month to using Ma Mi. It has been one of the greatest months, bringing back that smoothness and clarity that I have only found using the chemical peels of my past. A big advantage is that these products are safe. No toxins or parabens, no fillers, sodium laureth, or petroleums. That's a lot of no-but after using these products, you'll be saying YES! My favorite product, aside from the Revitalize Cleanser, is the Radiant Exfoliator. It's purified water and glycolic acid. Sweep it across your face with gauze (it exfoliates better than cotton) and enjoy the tingle. Afterwards, rinse well with water and enjoy! This program has more than two steps, and for some that might not be ideal. Some busy moms/women are lucky to find time to wash their face. But I urge you to make time and take care of your skin with the complete program. To those that prefer a two step or less process, don't go away empty handed! Grab the Revitalize Cleanser and Radiant Exfoliator. You won't be sorry!

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