Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hearing Is Believing

I have always had a baby monitor in the nursery. Better safe than sorry. I like to know the instant my baby wakes, and I'd like to know immediately if my baby ever became distressed. I take my monitor everywhere. When Logan was a baby, I had a hand-me-down monitor that worked just fine. Nothing fancy, but it brought me peace. When Sam was born, I picked up a midlevel monitor made by a popular company. The clarity was pretty good. However, since I have been using it for over a year, it has started acting up. All through the night, my end beeps several times and then silence returns. Not sure why, but it is annoying. I have tried other monitors that feature all the bells and whistles, including video. While video is nice, I found a monitor that makes up for that loss with other great features. After checking it out, I am seriously considering buying my own! (Disclosure: Monitor sent for review and returned. No compensation received for DECT review) The Philips DECT Baby Monitor has made the cut. Philips has built a reputation over the years for being a leader in electronics. I expected a lot from this unit and I wasn't let down. First, they guarantee zero interference from any other device. There is a humidity sensor to help maintain a comfortable climate in addition to a temperature sensor which monitors and keep baby's room healthy. And we all know that a comfortable baby is a happy (or at least happier) baby! The unit uses lights to indicate if your baby makes noise, even with volume off. I also loved the adjustable sound sensitivity function, which allows you to increase/decrease the microphone sensitivity, to enable you to listen to your baby breathe. A vast improvement over regular monitors! The volume is fully adjustable and while listening to your baby, you will have the capability to talk back, soothing your child from any room in the house! I really love the integrated night light and specially selected lullabies that soothe baby to sleep. They are peaceful and relaxing. The only way I see to improve would be to add video or maybe complete intercom/paging capabilities. That would make the DECT monitor ideal for long-term use! It would also make it easier to call your children to dinner when the music is loud!
I did receive a Philips AVENT Natural Feeding Bottle to test and keep. The bottle is made with Polyether Sulphone, a BPA free material. It is a light honey color. The wide mouth bottle that we received arrived with a stage 2 nipple. The nipple features an anti-colic valve that reduces air and prevents vacuum build up. I used glass bottles with my youngest. This was a wonderful option until he began to walk. It was then that we discovered his impressive pitching arm. He could throw a glass bottle with enough force to shatter it and send shards of glass flying everywhere. Not exactly safe for curious babies learning to walk. With Philips AVENT Bottles, no broken glass, and no trips to the emergency room.
I was also sent an AVENT Teether to keep and review. It is phthalate and BPA free. The teether was a stage one teether and meant for front teeth. Since Sam's were already in, I decided to give a limited review based on my observations. Our teether can be sterilized. The teether works by massaging the gums. The ring is completely smooth except for little "bumps" along the ring. Although the teether is firm, I could hold it in one hand and collapse the ring with ease. It would be easy for a baby to hold and the ring is the perfect size for teething.
You can find Philips products online or in your favorite store. If you are looking for a breast pump or wanting to turn your living room into the ultimate personal theater, Philips has a product for you! Check them out and discover the difference a little "sense and simplicity" can make!

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