Friday, August 14, 2009

Back To School!

This weekend, I will begin my school/educational series! I have some great items that would be perfect for back-to-school. Many of the items that I will be featuring would be great for Christmas too! Since we are a homeschooling family, my son still has some time before we hit the books. We are excited! Logan's first year (Kindergarten) was a success. I taught him at home on a trial basis. I was very intimidated by the process when I began. After much research, I found a wonderful curriculum that worked for us and now Logan is already begging to begin again. I have my own reasons for homeschooling. I'll admit, it might not be for everyone. Some might not approve. I use a Bible based curriculum, but I do not shield my son from other theories about how we came to be. It is taught, side-by-side, with my own beliefs. God is a part of our daily life. Logan is encouraged to learn more about God and small part of our reading involves Bible stories and devotionals. This would not be possible in a traditional school. One of my main reasons for homeschooling is to put the focus back on the family. In traditional schools, your child is packed onto a bus early in the morning and you may not see your child again until evening. Throw in extracurricular activities and homework, maybe friends and dates on weekends, and how much family time is left? Some might say that homeschooled children do not socialize. It's simply not true. My child is a Cub Scout, attends Bible Study, and he interacts with people of all ages. We are also joining a homeschool group and we will attend weekly meetings. I think society puts too much stress on children. I want my children to be children as long as possible. There is plenty of time for them to grow up. I refused to go out of my way to teach Logan before Kindergarten. If he wanted to know something, we explained it in great detail. He knew the alphabet and numbers, but that was his choice. I made no demands. I let his curiosity lead us. He grew into a very creative little boy. He is always building things. One of his favorite toys is a wooden marble run. He has two different sets and the structures that he builds are simply amazing. I am proud of Logan and all of his accomplishments. I am looking forward to another great year!

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