Monday, July 27, 2009

Target is Right On Target With These Great Products!

When I first discovered Nature's Baby Organics, I received several products, including their Vanilla Tangerine Shampoo and Body Wash. The unique scent is glorious and it is my all-time favorite! The vanilla smells pure and the tangerine adds a special touch. It is 100% Vegan, and it's paraben, SLS, and propylene glycol free! It's hypoallergenic and gentle on baby's skin, that it, when mom decides to share! I was also given the opportunity to try the newest addition to the Nature's Baby Organics line. Tangy Tangerine Bubble Bath!
I love bubble baths and it is extremely difficult to find a scent that smells the way it is described. Just pick up any product and remove the cap. After your sniff test, can you tell me that that strawberry scented bubble bath really smelled like fresh picked strawberries? Nope. Didn't think so. We tested our Tangy Tangerine Bubble Bath in a squeaky clean tub and poured a small amount of what smelled like fresh tangerines under running water. There is no need to add other products to the bath since they will only weigh down the bubbles produced. These bubble are very light, but very plentiful indeed! They are non-irritating and very gentle on your child's skin. And did I mention it smells just like fresh tangerines?
Nature's Baby Organics may be available at a Target near you! 300 Target Stores are filling their shelves with this incredible brand! Visit your local Target (and between now and October 1 and stock up on Nature's Baby Organics! Take advantage of the free shipping offer(with minimum purchase) for extra savings!

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