Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Drinking Problem

My youngest would rather hang on to a sippy cup than play or eat, casually sipping on a tall cold one. Milk, that is. And he drinks it by the gallon. I finally found a tee to describe his addiction. "I have a bit of a drinking problem" pretty much sums it up. Thanks to Urban Bratz, my little one can drink you under the table and he has the perfect tee to warn anyone willing to take the dare. The tee is soft and washes well. The fabric is durable, so your little drinker can be rough and tough without worries. If your little tot isn't a heavy drinker, you may find humor in another favorite, "They call me no!" I may need this in a few months, especially since my curious explorer is beginning to venture into uncharted territory. Visit Urban Bratz and grab the perfect tee or onesie for your little one!

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