Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Zero Water-It's As Pure As It Gets!

Do you drink a lot of water from the tap? How about expensive bottled water? I have found a great product that gives you the purest water possible. And guess what? It doesn't cost a lot! I recently tried a Zero Water Pitcher and I love it! If you didn't know, ZeroWater is the only filtered water from a pitcher that meets the FDA definition for purified bottled water. The Pitcher comes with one ZeroWater filter cartridge that removes contaminants that cause water to have an unpleasant taste. It also comes with a really cool, independently made TDS Meter to give you peace of mind that your ZeroWater filter cartridges are working properly! I used it to test my own tap first. My levels were 102-not too bad, but far from zero. Next I tested the filtered water from my ZeroWater Pitcher. Yep, you guessed it! 0!!!! I can't say that I tasted a big difference, but I did feel better about the quality of the water I was drinking. The meter is very useful and it lets you know when it's time to replace the filters. When your water starts reading “006” it’s time to change your filter! The transparent one-chamber Pitcher with lid has a pour spout, exclusive in-fridge push button dispenser and a special storage compartment for the TDS Meter. The filter features more complete filtration than ordinary carbon filters and it leaves your water with a clean, crisp taste! This purified water would be ideal for mixing with baby formula! For those of you with heavy water coolers, they also have a lightweight option for you!!! Check them out and see how great your water can taste!
Please note:
Filtered potable tap water is tested by an independent lab (not the FDA) to meet specifically the water quality requirements for using the label “purified”.

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