Tuesday, June 16, 2009

They've Been Listening! Here's The Proof!

Yeah! Kudos to Huggies for listening to moms. The majority of the moms that I meet want natural and organic products. They want healthier products for their children! If you have ever gone into a store to pick up diapers, your choices may be limited. Most stores carry two or three major brands and usually a store brand. Now I was never fond of store brands, and I thought the other brands were pretty much the same. Since I use cloth diapers primarily, I don't hang out in the diaper section that often. Recently, I was given an opportunity to review Huggies Pure & Natural. Huggies has not only listened to our concerns, but they have created a product that is superior to most diapers that I have tried. After using these diapers I was pleased with the fit. There were no leaks and no irritation. The inner liner is infused with Aloe and Vitamin E and the outer cover contains pure organic cotton. The diapers are hypoallergenic and free of irritating fragrances, they contain less ink than Huggies Supreme, and the packaging features 20% post-consumer recycled materials! Huggies has made it possible for moms like me to buy wisely. When I use disposables (traveling) I will be picking up a pack! If you would like to try a sample, visit Huggies and make your request! Try them out and put them to the test!

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