Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Get A Grip...A Very Soft Grip!

I hated carrying around infant carriers. I usually rested the hard handle on my arm and by the time I walked a few steps, I could feel the handle digging in. I was ecstatic to find a painfree, inexpensive solution to my problem! Nuzy. Plush and lush, a comforting wrap that Velcros around the handle! It features machine washable faux fur that is so luxurious and soft. It is fully lined and it closes with heavy duty Velcro. The beautiful fur is edged with grosgrain ribbon, or you can go glam with decorative Swarovski® Crystal edging. For a personalized touch, monogramming is offered! Nuzy comfortably fits all standard infant car seat carrier handles! Nuzy can be used on shopping cart handles, car seat belts- so they do not dig into your shoulder, and stroller handles! Nuzy offers a non slip grip and you can really get creative when it comes to using one! Buy a pair and use on walkers or other home care assistance products with handles. My favorite use is wrapping Nuzy around the handles of several heavy plastic shopping bags. Instead of the plastic digging in, All I feel is the weight of the bags and the soft faux fur! Nuzy will help eliminate sore arms and hands! Don't leave home without it!

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