Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Green To Grow

During the past year, I abandoned BPA. I became aware of the dangers of these products while pregnant with my youngest. When I gave my son a bottle, it was glass in those early days. But as the months passed, I slowly added in a few adorable Green To Grow Bottles! The bottles are easy to hold and they are very durable. I used Green To Grow for most of my son's first year. I can honestly say that I love them as much as the day I unpacked them. Recently, I discovered the perfect gift for new moms! Green to Grow’s Welcome Home Set has everything you need to start nourishing your baby with confidence: two 5 oz BPA-free baby bottles, two 10 oz BPA-free baby bottles (all of which come with Beginner nipples, 0 – 3 months); one package of Intermediate nipples (3 nipples per pack, 3 – 6 months); one package of Expert nipples (3 nipples per pack, 6+ months); and a super soft, organic cotton baby cloth, good for burps, slurps, baths, and splashes! The set arrives in a cute house shaped box. It's the perfect way to start your baby on the bottle! These amber colored bottles are easy for tiny hands to hold. No phthalates and they are free of bisphenol A! Grab some Green To Grow and feel good about what's missing!

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