Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Royalty, The Latest From Bella Sara!

Thanks to Team Mom, I had the opportunity to step back in time and be a little girl again. I received two foil packs of Bella Sara Trading Cards and decided it was the perfect excuse to sit down at my computer and play! Years ago, I spent my afternoons watching the boys play with their trading cards. Girls like me were resigned to sit back and watch, unable to have cards of our own, unless we were tomboys! Royalty is the ninth series from Bella Sara. Your child can experience the royal realms and fantastic castles in the magical land of North of North.
After receiving two packs of cards, I am happy to say that girly girls are no longer left out in the cold. Bella Sara is a magical world of horses and other characters for children ages 5 and up. The beautifully illustrated cards are sold in packs. Each pack contains a secret code that can be activated on the Bella Sara website! Will your ticket be copper, silver or gold?
  • Gold gives you 6 horses, 500 horseshoes and prizes
  • Silver gives you 5 horses, 350 horseshoes and prizes
  • Copper gives you 4 horses and 250 horseshoes
For little girls that love horses, these cards are sure to be a hit. It is quite easy to image a group of girls sitting together and comparing cards! Laughter and smiles and secrets being passed between them! I really liked these cards and I loved that each card features a positive inspirational message. The stickers and temporary tattoos were really cool too! When your child visits, she is in for a treat! By entering the special code included with each pack, your little girl can decorate her cottage, unlock horses, horseshoes, castle rooms and more! They can customize their own character and ride their very own horse! Download wallpapers, print out coloring pages, and discover many more wonderful activities. Purchase online at or, or check out Target, Wal-Mart, Toys"R" Us, Borders, KMart, or Barnes & Noble.

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