Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beep, Beep, Ouch! TRIA Update! First Treatment!

Well, it only hurts a little! After testing the TRIA on a small freshly shaved area, I was ready to go! I treated my legs, bikini area and under my arms. I chose to begin on a level two. Level one was really painless, but I felt a little burn on level three. I may increase the intensity later on, but for now I am comfortable with the second level. After turning my unit on, I pressed the sensor against the skin that I would be lasering. I received a green light, which meant I was good to go! I started under my arms. That area was done within 5 minutes. It was surprisingly fast. I felt no pain under my arms. No rubber band snapping and no burning. I was mentally prepared for it, especially after reading a few other reviews. I moved on to my legs. I began around my ankles and worked my way up. Boy, it was time consuming. Since it was my first time using the laser, I forgot a few times that you do not need to press the button for the laser to work. Pushing the button changes the intensity and it also turns the unit off. The laser is automatic. Move it from one place to the next, and TRIA does the rest. I was a little slow to get the hang of it, but it took me between 30 and 45 minutes on each leg. It was a little more painful around my knees. The pain was not as bad as a rubber band snap. It was also a little more difficult to get good contact between the laser and my skin around the knees. I experienced quite a few buzzes instead of beeps! Leg number two was much easier!After my legs, I did my bikini line. Ouch! It was a little hot down there and not in a good way. I did a conservative line, but I may grow more bold with time! I completed my entire treatment with one charge. After I used the laser, I charged it so it would be ready for my husband.
I used the sensor and was given a green light! I had the pleasure of zapping my husband's fur. He is a stubborn one and decided against shaving first. I do not recommend this, and it states clearly in the manual to shave first! I treated his back and stomach. If you look at the picture below, you can tell he really needed this! I tried taking pictures of my legs, but it was really hard to capture details. Since my husband's hair is darker, I decided to use his back and shoulder shot as a visual. I will take photos of the same area every month to show hopeful hair loss! I decided to use the lowest setting, and after beginning, I have no doubts that I made a wise choice!
It took about one hour for me to complete the treatment on my husband's back. That may have something to do with his squirming. I warned him several times that he needed to shave first, and since he did not, he paid. He described it as painful. My husband, former Army Ranger, paramedic/firefighter squirmed in his seat, occasionally shouting words that I will not repeat here. You may think me wicked and cruel, but I got a laugh out of it. The pain was worse the lower I went on his back. He had to take a few breaks just before we finished! Needless to say, he will be shaving before the next treatment. If only he listened to me before we started!
After treating his back, I began lasering his stomach. Since we were face to face, I had to bite my cheek to keep from laughing. After a few words were released, I could no longer contain my hysterics. Ouch, ouch, ouch! It took about 45 minutes. It was more painful around the middle of his abdomen.
When you use the TRIA on shaved areas, it is not really painful. The most uncomfortable sensation that I felt was heat, which was localized around tiny hair follicles. My husband described his experience as being cut with razor blades. Big difference! I will be using the TRIA again in 2 weeks. My husband will shave and I will let you know how it goes. I expect his experience will be similar to mine.
The TRIA is easy to use. I am excited and I am eager to see results! I understand that it may take a few treatments before I see any hair loss and I will keep you posted! Check back in about two weeks for an update. In the meantime, if you have a question that was not answered, send me an email! I would be more than happy to answer it.

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