Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm MissMatched And Lovin' It!!

Okay. You must admit this is absolutely brilliant. LittleMissMatched solves the problem of the disappearing sock! The tireless colors are perfect pick-me-ups and you just can't help but smile when you put on two very different but complimentary socks. Missmatched on purpose? Absolutely! LittleMissMatched has created a line that lets you express yourself in a fun and quirky way. Yes, you'll draw stares. You may even walk into a room and notice that everyone becomes quiet. Behind those hushed whispers, people will be asking each other, "Why didn't I think of that?"
LittleMissMatched will knock your socks off with these adorable Flip Flops. I am loving mine! They are not your common fall-apart-and-fade-after-a-few-wears kind of flops. No sir! The only flop you will find in these is in the name itself- Flip "Flop!" They are comfortable and well made. Sure to put a little spring in your step, these Flip Flops are available in a variety of fun colors! Sturdy enough to go the distance, and cute enough to take you almost anywhere!
LittleMissMatched offers the coolest bedding ensembles ever! These affordable beds-in-a-bag are ideal for girls that are always changing their mind! You get a reversible comforter, 2 half & half sheets, 3 reversible pillowcases, and 1 bed skirt. These fantastic sets offer your little girls the opportunity to express their creativity! Hundreds of bedding combinations are possible! Now that's budget friendly design! These bedding sets keep things new and fresh. Wild and crazy colors, hip patterns and prints! For children that share a room, buy two sets of the same bedding! Each child can create their very own look! The colors and prints look great in any combination so there is no need to sacrifice style! But it doesn't stop there! LittleMissMatched also has a great selection of pajamas, toys, furniture and more! Next time you lose a sock, don't mourn it! Get MissMatched!

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