Thursday, May 28, 2009

UPS Delivers Dogs?

A few weeks ago, our beloved dog went missing. Logan is so sad and every night he has been praying for Winston's safe return. This morning, I open the back door and there is a cute little dog waiting patiently on the steps. He (or she) jumps up and begins pawing at the door. My little boy hears my squeals and comes running over. "Awwww mom! A puppy!" He is so excited. Hmmm. This is not going to be easy. "Can we keep him?" I explained that he probably belongs to another child. There was no collar in place so I could not call the dog's owner. I explained to my son that we needed to leave him alone and that the little dog would probably go home. My son quickly informed me that that poor little dog was home. He said that the UPS man delivered the dog to our house because he knew our dog was missing. I tried to tell him otherwise, but he refused to listen. He believes that his prayers were answered. We may not have our old dog back, but we have a new one in his place. Part of me wants that little dog to come back, the other part hopes I never see it again. Go figure!

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