Friday, May 29, 2009

This Is Going To Get Messy!

Bibs, bibs, bibs. I used to think they were all the same. Especially the over-sized bibs. Yeah they're cute, and they are functional, but only to a degree. When I put a bib on my little guy, I don't expect much. It may protect his clothes for the most, but he ends up with a lot of food in his lap. Over-sized bibs often fall a little short. Literally. Recently I was given the wonderful opportunity to review the Learner's Bib from Baggino. Before it arrived, I checked out their site. I loved the bib immediately. It was simple in design, snug enough around the neck, and it seemed to be large enough to cover a child's lap. I eagerly awaited it's arrival and as soon as it was here, I checked it out. The bib is well constructed of soft cotton terry. A simple trim enhanced the design. No flowers, no distracting prints, so far so good. The sleeves are really long and they feature an elastic cuff that is wrapped with soft cotton terry. The cuff isn't tight and it seems to stay in place. I tried it on my little man for a test drive. He is right down the middle as far as height and weight. The bib has a Velcro closure and it is a one-size-fits-all bib! It is generous, covering his 14 month frame. It reaches past his knees when he's sitting. The bib also covers his shoulders. It doesn't just wrap around his neck. If you were to look at him from the front, you would have no idea that he was wearing a bib. It looks like a large, long sleeve shirt or smock. Even though the bib is large, it can be used with babies when they are trying out their first foods. I'm sure it would really cover them nicely! Those bananas and sweet potatoes can make a mess! The Learner's Bib ensures complete coverage. Perfect for messy eaters or parents that are messy feeders! Baggino's Learner's Bibs are ideal for babies and toddlers learning to feed themselves. They double as art smocks too! The next time your little one is feeling artistically inspired, grab a Learner's Bib from Baggino and have a little fun. Clean up is a breeze, just toss it in the machine! Visit to purchase and check out their other great products too!

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