Saturday, May 9, 2009

Putting Baby First With Booby Trapper!

There are a lot of Nursing Covers/Tents out there. Most of them are based on a similar concept. They cover your breasts and allow you to nurse discreetly in public. Some even make it possible to privately watch your baby nurse. One company goes a step further. Booby Trapper allows you to watch your baby nurse and a second strip placed a few inches below the first keeps the cover off your baby's face. The Booby Trapper will not collapse or fall around your baby's face. I know I'd hate to be smothered while eating, why should my baby? The generous size covers and the lightweight cotton breathes. They have recently added three Organic Cotton choices! Booby Trapper is made in Canada by a genius nursing mother. Her designs enhance baby's dining experience. Booby Trapper puts your baby's comfort first! Visit Booby Trapper and nurse without worries.

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