Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not Just Another Pretty Package!

There is nothing in the world as sweet as a baby. My favorite part of the day is bath time. I love to spend time watching my baby. He loves to play and splash, and I love to wash away the day. I worry about washing too often. I am always a little concerned that I'm stripping away protective oils. As an active baby, and a very messy eater, he really needs a daily bath. One of the products that I have used recently has kept his skin in wonderful condition.
Epicuren Baby. One of my favorite things about Epicuren Baby is the unique packaging featuring Anne Geddes. Place a few Epicuren Baby Products in a basket and you have the perfect shower gift with all the oohs and aahs. Now after seeing the packaging, I wondered how the product would compare. The packaging had already won me over. Before I opened the wash and lotion, I expected to be overcome with sweet smelling potions. Instead, it was very subtle. It's the first skincare line designed to nurture and support the development and immune functions of your baby skin using 100 % natural ingredients. "These naturally luxurious products are the brainchild of Kim Walls -- the second generation of the family that created world-renown Epicuren skincare products." I haven't tried the original line, but if they are as great as Epicuren Baby, I should check them out!

I tried The Daily Wash and The Daily Lotion. Both of these products were gentle and soothing. They are products that I would definitely buy. My littlest had a minor skin irritation and using Epicuren Baby products was gentle and soothing. No tears and no further irritation. Epicuren Baby products are available at Episencial.com. Their organic, aromatherapy quality essential oils work individually to protect, sooth and calm both baby and mom, as well as in concert across the entire product line to enhance the closeness and joy experienced through touch and smell. Check them out! I love wonderful products that come in pretty packages!

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Tiffany said...

This lotion is to die for!!! It smells great and works like magic on my baby's skin! I can't live without it!