Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's All In Good Taste!

Flavour Design is the brainchild of creative designer Élan. Her designs are clever, with a strong emphasis on ergonomics and functionality without sacrificing elegance. For those looking for unique flair, you must visit her virtual gallery!

We were given the wonderful opportunity to review the buddha bowl and the baby buddha bowl. These artistic bowls are designed to rest in the palm of your hand and they are created using a lead free glaze! They are much easier (and more comfortable) to hold than ordinary bowls and mugs. These bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe! The buddha bowl is perfect for rice, lattés, ice cream, and even cereal. It holds 18 ounces! The baby buddha bowl is a little smaller and it will hold 12 ounces. Use it for rice, soup, cereal, coffee, tea, and hot cocoa!

I really love and the dish ran away with the spoon! It's a unique bowl that has a love affair with a simple spoon. It has a unique resting place already built in, so you can carry both with ease and forgo the balancing act. For my noodle lovin' friends check out the other great designs. Bowls complete with chopsticks! Great for parties! Flavour Design also has a selection of unique pot holders/racks. I'm loving Double Happiness. Featuring a Chinese character, it's available in black and red or stainless! I love the designs at Flavour Design. They are beautiful to look at, and fun to use!

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