Saturday, April 4, 2009

TSP Spices! Spice Enlightenment!

I love to cook. I have a cabinet full of spices and seasonings and it's fun to experiment with different combinations. But sometimes I look at all of those jars and I am a little intimidated. Which spice enhances a certain meat or vegetable? I usually guess. Sometimes my guess is lucky and I end up with a wonderful meal! But sometimes it can be a disaster! TSP Spices takes the guesswork out of flavoring your food!
We received the Set for the Holidays gift box! Set for the Holidays contains one tin of each-Bird in Hand, Cookie Jar, Game Day Chili, Mull over This, Peace of Pie and Roast to Toast. The tins feature pre-measured packets of spices. Each tin contains different spices to enhance different types of food. There are a total of 20 recipes included to help you create delicious meals! The set contains 19 different organic spices in 72 total one-teaspoon packets! TSP Spices makes it easy to stock your pantry with flavor. The next time I am in the mood for something sweet, I'll reach for Cookie Jar. It has everything I need to add some spice to my baking! At TSP Spices, you can buy individual spices or sets. The gift sets are perfect for giving and they are a great way to stock up! I really love that the spices are organic too! The spice containers stack beautifully, so my spice cabinet stays organized! The tins block out light and air, and the individual packets ensure that your spices will stay fresh! Visit and let the cooking adventures begin!

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