Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Great American Cookies

Most of you have enjoyed the wonderful creations available at Great American Cookies. Their cookies reign supreme and their cakes, oh their cakes! They are perfect for those of us who would rather revel in the gratifying experience of devouring a huge chocolate chip cookie than eat ordinary cake. At Great American Cookies, you can pick from a variety of beautifully decorated cookie cakes or customize your very own. Signature black and white frosting adorns each cake or add a splash of color to make the designs really pop! We picked up a pair of cakes decorated by Loretta, assistant manager at The Albany Mall location. Her artistic talent is unmistakable and I was ecstatic! The icing was picture perfect. The fresh baked cookie cakes made the most delectable canvases for her beautiful artwork! Moist and slightly chewy, perfect in every way. The icing was sweet and very addictive. It is creamy and smooth, rich and flavorful. Completely sublime. Great American Cookies are made with (and eaten with!) love. They have to be, to taste this great! Order one at your local store, or order online and pick up when you are ready. Great American Cookies are not your average cookies! "Home of the Original Cookie Cake," they have been baking exceptional cookies since 1977!

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Cat@3KidsandUs said...

Okay seriously, what's up with all of these cookie posts...you're making me hungry!