Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sometimes All You Need Is A Hug!

If you are breastfeeding, you have probably had one of those moments. You know, your breasts are painful and swollen, hot and full. Your nipples are cracked and bleeding, and you think you will die if anything touches them. The warm shower that you think will make it all better batters your tender breasts until you can no longer take it. Now there's a way to turn your shower into a welcoming retreat once again. You need a hug, and not just any hug will do. I'd like to introduce you to the Shower Hug!The Shower Hug provides gentle bust line support for your full and engorged breasts! You can wear it in or out of the shower! The compressive wrap provides a warm and gentle compress to soothe tender breasts and ease engorgement, offering much appreciated protection for sensitive nipples and breasts from direct contact with harsh shower sprays! The Shower Hug also protects tender nipples and areolas from direct contact with irritating soaps or other products. It is perfect for preventing nighttime leaks and you will not have to stuff adhesive padding into your wrap at night. The Shower Hug can be used as a strapless nursing bra. When you need heat or cold pads, the Shower Hug will hold them in place and provide additional relief. The wrap is secured by Velcro. It is adjustable and designed to adapt to your changing body. The Shower Hug is not just for breasts! It doubles as an abdominal binder which is perfect for moms recovering from C-sections! The Shower Hug also provides soothing relief to women recovering from mastectomy, augmentation, breast reduction, reconstruction, and (mastopexy) lifts! Visit belmama & cherub and order your Shower Hug today!

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