Friday, March 27, 2009

Snug As A Bug With Aden + Anais!

When I first became a mother, there were so many things I didn't know. Being a nurse doesn't prepare you for everything. You have an idea about what to expect, but I spent many weary nights trying to hush an upset baby. I was familiar with swaddling, but no pro. Here I was holding my 6 and a half pound baby trying to get the swaddle just right. I can't remember how many times I wrapped and unwrapped him. It was either too loose or I worried it was too tight. With ordinary blankets, it can be harder than you think!
Aden + Anais has made swaddling easy. The blankets are made from muslin, and the loose weave allows more air to circulate. The air provides a layer of insulation and the natural fibers allow your baby's body temperature to adjust naturally. This eliminates over-heating and ensures warmth and comfort for your little one! The generous blankets are large enough to stay in place and even if your technique is not perfect, your swaddle will stay in place. The muslin wraps are available in two weights. A lightweight wrap is perfect for most seasons and the heavier winter warmth provides additional warmth for cold weather.

Swaddling makes your baby feel more secure and comfortable and it imitates the security of the enclosed surroundings they experienced in the womb. Swaddling also helps your baby sleep on their back and your baby will stay asleep because the wrap will reduce sudden arm and leg movements which can startle your baby awake! Aden + Anais wraps are machine washable, and they get softer and fluffier with each and every wash! I was amazed at the quality. The material is durable and it is perfect for everyday use. When your baby no longer needs to be swaddled, try using one as a nursing cover or an extremely absorbent burp cloth! They make great tummy time blankets too! Visit and check out their impressive selection of prints! I'm loving the pink and white set, but I may need a little girl of my own to go with it!

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