Friday, March 27, 2009

Relastin Eye Silk

I'm always trying something new. I write up the products that work for me and I share my experiences with anyone who will listen. Recently I was given an opportunity to try a wonderful product for the skin around my eyes. Relastin Eye Silk delivers results and it feels so great, it's a pleasure to add this to my skincare routine. When I first received the product, I pumped a small amount onto my fingertip. The Eye Silk was thick and it looked like a heavy product. I was not sure if I would be happy using it. I gently rubbed the Eye Silk onto my hand. I was so impressed with the way it felt that I immediately dropped everything to cleanse my face and apply this product. I cannot accurately describe how this product feels. It is something you need to experience. It is lightweight and it reminds me a little of my spackle primer. It's velvety smooth and leaves the skin around my eyes very soft. It is gentle on my sensitive, contact wearing eyes. Eye Silk contains Zinc Firming Complex which penetrates your skin's upper layers to reach the dermis, allowing you to produce more elastin, the connective protein that makes skin spring back and become smooth again after you laugh or smile! It gives you visibly firmer skin and it reduces the appearance of crow's feet, fine lines and wrinkles! It also works to diminish the appearance of dark under eye circles and puffiness around your eyes. This is a product that I could see myself using everyday. Does it work? Yes. The area around my eyes is firmer and it is smooth. I'm 33 and I do not have any wrinkles around my eyes, but the skin was not as smooth as it was a few years ago. After using, the area around my eyes is smoother and softer and my makeup looks better!
Relastin makes two other products to keep your face looking beautiful and young. Try the Relastin Ultra Emollient and the Relastin Skin Revitalizer! Right now, you can buy both of these products and receive a free Eye Silk! The Skin Revitalizer exfoliates and reveals smoother and firmer skin while improving the texture of your skin. Ultra Emollient is a super hydrating cream that works hard to give you a radiant and more youthful glow while reducing surface wrinkles and smoothing your skin. Visit to purchase.

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