Monday, March 2, 2009

A Silver Lining For Your Face!

The Cor skincare line provides hassle-free, one-step solutions to produce the freshest, healthiest youthful skin of your past. Cor’s patented delivery system allows it's active ingredients to get to the core of the most problematic skin issues. Cor’s skincare products contain the patented formula of nano-silver with silica and all of their ingredients are derived from natural sources.
Silver is becoming known as one of the best natural anti-bacterial agents. It blocks the bacteria’s ability to transfer oxygen through its cell walls. Silver has healing properties and has been used by doctors and in hospitals to speed cell repair. The amazing cumulative effects of Cor’s cocktail of ingredients works uniquely for each individual resulting in a natural, dewy-fresh glow of youth. Cor's Silver Soap removes make up brilliantly, evens out skin tone, reduces the appearance of sun spots and pore size, maintains the skin’s natural moisture factor, visibly reduces the signs of aging and protects against the hazardous effects of the sun! I received Cor's Silver Soap and I have been using it twice a day. In the mornings, I use it with a Clarisonic. At night, I lather up with my hands. My skin has improved. Not drastically, but I am only on my first full week. I have combination skin and I am prone to breakouts. It is unusual for me to not have at least one break out a week, and since I have started with Cor's Silver Soap, my face has been clear. It feels cleaner, and my pores appear smaller. My skin is also a little sensitive and I am prone to redness. So far, so good! No irritation and I have even noticed subtle changes in my skin tone. For those of you gasping at the price, try the small bar. It's affordable and it will last long enough for you to become a loyal customer. Visit and Foam… rinse… glow…®

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