Monday, March 2, 2009

SafetyCaps, A Safer Option!

As parents, we spend hours childproofing our home. But have you given much thought to the products that you are using to childproof your home? I have been guilty of removing electrical outlet covers when I need a certain outlet. I don't always put it right back when I no longer need the electrical outlet. I may lay one on a table or on the floor near the outlet. Those simple, ordinary outlet covers are the perfect size for curious toddlers to pick up, and try to swallow. Even the most careful parents sometimes forget. That's exactly what happened to one curious toddler. After choking, her dad made it his mission to create a safe outlet cover. Dad George and his beautiful daughter Sage want your family to realize the hidden dangerous of standard outlet covers and to discover safer options. SafetyCaps are perfect and provide peace of mind. The clear cover goes with any decor and they are wider than standard electrical outlet covers. They will not completely fit into your child's mouth, eliminating the choking risk! They are designed with a pacifiers safety features and they have passed rigorous safety tests. Visit to order.

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