Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Peeky-Boo Baby!

I am a breastfeeding advocate. I love to find products that support nursing moms, making them more comfortable and more confident. When I first found the Peeky-Boo Nursing Cover, I was thrilled to see a product that had so many options. The Peeky-Boo looks just like a blanket. There are no hidden strings, no ties, no buckles or belts. Two corners, on opposite ends of the cover are actually pockets. The pockets are secured with Velcro. In one corner you will find a perfectly weighted, removable bag. The other corner pocket is perfect for storing nursing necessities or pacifiers. To use, simply toss the weighted corner over your shoulder and it will stay in place, covering your assets as you nurse.
The Peeky-Boo Nursing Cover doubles as a cozy baby blanket. You can swaddle your baby, or just use it as a play mat for baby to play! The cover can even be used as a changing pad or a baby shield. Next time the sun is shining in those precious eyes or you are caught in a sudden downpour, toss the cover over your stroller or carrier. Your baby will be protected from the elements! The Peeky-Boo Nursing Cover is easy to use.

I have tried many different nursing covers and I think I've found my favorite. I love the weighted corner feature. It really stands apart from all the rest, mostly due to this unique feature. When you are not using it for nursing, it looks like a beautiful baby blanket. Pick up a set of matching burp cloths too! The Peeky-Boo is a wonderful gift to give or receive. Visit www.peekyboobaby.com to order. The elegant prints will challenge you to choose just one!

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