Monday, February 23, 2009

Himalayan Institute, The Art Of Joyful Living!

The Himalayan Institute is a leader in the field of yoga, meditation, spirituality, and holistic health. It was founded by Swami Rama of the Himalayas. "The mission of the Himalayan Institute is Swami Rama’s mission—to discover and embrace the sacred link—the spirit of human heritage that unites East and West, spirituality and science, and ancient wisdom and modern technology." For over 30 years, the they have combined Western medicine with Eastern systems of health in an integrated approach to holistic health. At the Himalayan Institute Total Health Center (formerly Center for Health and Healing) they offer personally tailored in-house rejuvenation and cleansing programs based on Ayurvedic principals. "Ayurvedic therapies restore our essential connection to nature, and promote the inherent self-healing qualities of the mind and body." While I am not familiar with these ancient traditions, I enjoyed browsing their beautiful site and reading about their wonderful programs. The Himalayan Institute offers online shopping, where you will find many products formulated to improve your overall health and well-being.
For a while now, I have heard many different people sing the praises of the Neti Pot. An idea that seemed great to me, if I could get over pouring water into my nose. After all, I had spent my entire life trying to keep it out, even pinching my nose when necessary. After receiving a starter set from Himalayan Institute, I gave it a try. Wow! It really flushes and cleans your passages and afterwards you feel invigorated, refreshed. You can breathe more freely! Using the Neti Pot can be addictive. The healing herbs soothe and add anti-microbial and anti-viral support. Neti Wash Plus contains Zinc, perfect for shortening the duration of colds. I was impressed by this product and I recommend it to any sinus/allergy sufferers and also those without problems. It's a healthy way to start your day. The beautiful ceramic Neti Pot is also available in a natural bioplastic Eco Neti Pot! Perfect for travel! Visit for more information on their wonderful products and services.

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