Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh Yes...You Should!

Indulge. Let those tasty sweet treats melt in your mouth. Every last mouth-watering crumb! Harvard Sweet Boutique delivers Ivy League Flavor bursting in each and every bite. Gorgeous packaging protects your treats in transit. These boxes are perfect for giving, and the receiver will know just how special he or she really is when they hold these beautiful packages in their hands.
Opening the box is a true sensory delight. First you are overcome with the sweet aroma of butter and sugar, baked to perfection. From cookies and brownies, to toffee and truffles, you'll know you've picked a winner. The cookies are rich and flavorful. You'll enjoy the challenge of slowly savoring each one. Try an assortment, you'll be glad you did!

The Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee is everything you'd expect and more. This gourmet treat is generously coated with smooth Swiss milk chocolate and topped with chopped, roasted almonds. Don't open it in a crowd. You may not end up with seconds! Buttery and rich, I dare you to have just one.
Birthdays, Mother's Day, Saint Patrick's Day and Easter. Harvard Sweet Boutique will deliver the perfect gift to those on your list. Better yet, pick one out for yourself! There's always something to celebrate! Visit and make someone happy with a thoughtful, beautifully packaged gift with a tasty treat inside!

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